Monday, January 14, 2008

instructions for riding the train

Very tired because I woke up this morning at 5:30 am because I was so excited about staying at the traditional ryokan inn that Aki's mother runs. See, the rooftop baths are open 24 hours. So I saw the sun rise from a rooftop in Gunma prefecture this morning, sitting shoulder-deep in hot mineral water. Apparently Gunma is famous for strong women and for incredible winds. Both of which are great to contemplate from an outdoor rooftop rotenburo (hot tub).

And then, we wandered around Shibuya, and saw a shrine, and lots of girls in kimono (it was a special kimono-related holiday), and a SUMO WRESTLING MATCH. Also, in the last 36 hours, I rode a lot of trains.

I have pictures of all that, but for now, here are some entertaining instructions for how to behave on a JR line train. Click to enjoy to the fullest.


Drea said...

I picture you going around Japan on trains and visiting hot tubs and I just smile...Sounds like a very busy and fun trip so far :)

By the way, there should be instructions like that on BART...very amusing.

Halli said...

OK, this is super cool. Someone at Japan Railways who speaks English has a sense of humor, and I suspect if the Japanese really knew what it said, they might not be pleased. Or maybe they would be: "I was unaware of those piercing eyes". Usually the English instructions are banal, bad literal translations, but this is great!

Halli said...

Hold, on, on further investigation, the link goes to the corporate site for Japan Tobacco, which is the government associated outfit that sells tobacco (and does a lot of pharmaceutical research). They also operate a tobacco and salt museum, very close to Shibuya (see map here

Halli said...

Ok one more thing before I go; they's a ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock) exhibit on there. What this has got to do with tobacco or salt, I don't know; damn, I wish I'd had my passport.