Saturday, January 12, 2008

not a real post

I was going to write this up as an actual post, but the jetlag is catching up with me. So I thought I'd make some notes. And then I thought the cryptic notes were amusing, so I've made them public. Stream of consciousness blogging what-have-you.

avoiding fish is hard
tofu and pickles and sake
no noodle for you
breakfast at tullys
egg and cheese on toast
tohru is the best
how do you say "to go"?
slurping soba
the sneaky vegetarian, or, i ate your egg and also his.
japanese for char siu is char siu
ghibli museum
umbrella racks
the sound of flushing
orangi juice-u
small cups
ramen of the gods

... and bed.

1 comment:

Halli said...

orangi juice-u is how my mother knew I could read.
Famously, when I was a small child (probably 5 or so), I asked for orange juice, and when my mom told me they didn't have it, I pointed it out on the menu. I had deduced the English text from learning hiragana and katakana (the Japanese phonetic alphabets) and seeing orangi juice-u on the Japanese section of bilingual menus next to the English.

I like your new umbrella.