Thursday, January 17, 2008

photopost - seijin no hi

Meanwhile, back in Shibuya, Monday was seijin no hi, a national holiday celebrating young people coming of age (20). At 20, you can smoke, drink, and vote. It's a huge event, with street fairs, people visiting shrines, and young girls decked out in fancy kimonos all over the place.

Girls drumming at the street fair.

Shibuya residential street.

Train crossing, Shibuya.

Walking to the Meiji shrine

Throwing coins for good fortune and prayer

Girl in kimono. Everyone takes pictures and the girls in kimonos pose.

Looking at prayers at the shrine.

You can shake a box of sticks and get a number, which gets you a poem that tells your fortune. They're reading their fortunes.

Festival snacks outside the shrine. That's fish roasting over coals. Too bad i can't eat them! They looked tasty.

Crossing the street at Harajuku Stn.

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