Wednesday, January 23, 2008

photopost - beijing subway

It was rush hour, so we took the subway: 60 min door to door. (cab would have been about 90.) Fare was 2 yuan.

Destination sign, Wangfujing station.

The red (line 1) train is coming!

It's here! It's here!

Like salmon at a ladder, we climb the stairs to transfer to blue line (line 2).

I am pretty sure I could make it to the office in 45 min if I didn't have to struggle through rush hour crowds.... But all in all, the subway is pretty efficient. Beijing has uniformed officials with caps to organize everyone at the station into lines. (I was a little intimidated, so you don't get a photo of the official in his uniform.)

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Halli said...

I like: the timings, and the you are here! They're definitely getting ready for the Olympics. Now if only my new buddy James can get the same mojo working in SF.